May Schedule

Monday May 16th:

Junior 4: 5:30-7:15

Senior 4 Elite: 6:45-8:30

Senior Coed 4: 7:45-9;30


Tuesday May 17th & Tuesday May 31st

Lady Mermaids: 5:30-7:15

Junior 3lite: 6:30-8:15 (tumble in cave from 7:45-8:15)

4.2 Devils: 7:45-9:30

4.2 Angels: 7:45-9:30


Wednesday May 18th and Wednesday June 1st

Youth X: 5:45-7:30

SSX: 7:30-9:30

Sparkle: 7:00-9:00


Thursday May 19th and Thursday June 2nd

Tinys: 5:30-6:45 (back gym)

Shimmer: 6:45-8:30 (back gym)

Junior X: 5:30-7:15

Smoex: 7:00-8:45

Cougar Coed: 8:00-10:00


Friday May 20th:

Shimmer and Sparkle Together;  6:00-8:00


Saturday May 21st:

Mermaids/Devils/Angels:  10:00-12:15

Smoex/Cougar Coed/SSX: 12:15-3:30

Senior 4Elite/Senior Coed 4/Junior 4: 4:00-6:30

Youth X/Junior 3lite/Junior X: 6:45-9:00


Sunday May 22nd:



THE WEEK OF MONDAY MAY 23-THURSDAY MAY 26 We will be holding “learn the lingo” classes for new athletes to understand the way that we do certain things and the meaning behind certain terminology.  

Veteran kids to CEA Raleigh DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND but you are welcome to help out if you’re going to be attentive & helpful.

We will be reviewing the following things and more:

Jumps Arms (Candy corn/belt buckle/etc)

Leg Motions (house/teepee/tent/etc)


$.25/$.50/$.75 spacing rules

timing of tumbling

drop steps for tumbling

Basic Other CEA Way terminology


Friday May 27th-Monday May 30th

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!  Gym is closed


See above for times for the week of May 30-June 2nd


June 3rd, 4th and 5th is MANDATORY TUMBLE CAMP FOR LEVELS 4 & 5.  We are inviting the best of the best tumble coaches in America from programs all across the country to teach new drills and skills.  

June 10th, 11th and 12th is the same style of camp for LEVELS 1, 2 & 3!!

Cost:  $100 for each weekend.  Times to be announced asap and amount is due by Wednesday June 1st.


**If the above weekly schedule best allows the staff to manage space and time, we will continue with that schedule for the rest of the summer.  



Tumble Class Schedule is available at