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1-919-876-TEAL (8325) or 1-336-681-2338


2017-2018 CEA Raleigh Tryout Details

Congratulations to the following athletes for being invited to Stunt Evaluations!!

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Stunt Evaluations: Saturday, May 20th (check website, for Stunt Lists)

Teal Reveal: Sunday, May 21st @ 1:00

Why CEA Raleigh?

We are the most competitive and least expensive in the Triangle area…with 10 worlds top 3 placements, several NCA and Summit wins, and more of a family feel than you’ll find anywhere else

This is our 12th season, we have grown every year and plan to make our last year in this facility the most memorable ever. We Believe in positive reinforcement and goal-setting on both an individual and team level!!

Come be a part of the Tarheel Drive traditions before moving into our 18,000+ square foot building next April :)

Our current address is 3816-104 Tarheel Drive

Our new address will be 1601 Garner Station Blvd.