A Note About Stunt Evaluations

A note pertaining to Stunt Evaluations

Our coaches have diligently poured over names and rosters for days since the tryout process began.  We have arrived at large groups of athletes who are all coming this week to demonstrate their strength and expertise at stunting.


Flyers will be asked to show all possible body positions in the air.


Mostly we are evaluating our new athletes as we have not gotten the opportunity to see any of them live in action in groups.

Please don’t read too much into the groups that are assembled.

We will be interchanging all evening and trying to get good insight on the versatility, strength, and capability of each athlete.  Sometimes we will put a new athlete with a very veteran group to properly evaluate their potential.  That doesn’t in anyway mean that will be “their group” for the season.  Thanks in advance for your patience as we work to create winning combinations of our exceptional athletes and rosters that fulfill to goals that have become our standard at CEA.