Stunt Evaluation Process Explanation

We are thrilled to announce our 2022-2023 Stunt Evaluation Call Back Lists for CEA Kernersville.

Lists for our final week of Stunt Evaluations will be made and reposted after each night of evaluations.

Times for next week will be similar for each group considered.


Our staff has poured over names to work together to create successful teams at all ages and levels.

Please double check all rosters for names as many athletes are being evaluated on several teams to make the best placement choice.

Thank you for trusting us!  We are so excited to get Year #30 underway.

Stunt Evaluations will take place:

Round 1:

May 24 Tuesday 6-7
May 24 Tuesday 7-8
May 24 Tuesday 8-9
May 25 Wednesday 6-7
May 25 Wednesday 7-8
May 25 Wednesday 8-9:30
May 26 Thursday 6-7
May 26 Thursday 7-8
May 26 Thursday 8-9


Round 2:

May 31 Tuesday 6-7
May 31 Tuesday 7-8
May 31 Tuesday 8-9
June 1 Wednesday 6-7
June 1 Wednesday 7-8
June 1 Wednesday 8-9:30
June 2 Thursday 6-7
June 2 Thursday 7-8
June 2 Thursday 8-9


All athletes are expected to be at both assigned weeks of Stunt Evaluations.
Adding one extra additional week of stunt evaluations is new this season so we can best evaluate every athlete’s strengths.