This is our first season at Cheer Extreme.  We drive approximately 1.5 hours to the gym 3 times a week for tumbling and practice. My daughter Madison is 11 years old and is on Youth 3 and SJX. Sometimes we are away from home 5 to 6 hours when at the gym practicing. Witnessing the progress that Madison has made from October to date is worth every minute we are away from home, every gallon of gas that has been spent, and every mile put our vehicle to travel to Raleigh. The Cheer Extreme family: Kelly Helton, Team Moms and Dads,Tumbling coaches, and other team members have welcomed us with open arms. Our family feels as if we have been with Cheer Extreme for years. These trained professionals not only coach your children, they get to know each athlete individually to set specific goals and coaching strategies that they feel will enhance learning for that person. We are extremely grateful to be a part of this organization. The athletes at Cheer Extreme  receive the utmost superior coaching for cheer, but they also receive a lot of love and  caring, while having fun. I have not regretted one day of our decision to join the Cheer Extreme Family !