Thursday May 24 2018 6:00-7:00 CEA Kville Stunt Evaluation

Athletes are expected to attend all sessions where their name is listed as we properly evaluate the best fit for each individual

Please arrive early to stretch and be prepared to tumble at stunt at the very start of your session


Grace Gongora

Mackenzie Straight

Emily Pappas

Nayti Patel

Lauren Mills

Triniti Cabiness

Haley Butler

Kendaylle Smithback

Isabella Perry

Sienna Arnold

Haley Williams

Alaina Washington

Bria Lovelace

Natalie Collins

Ansley Powell

Christin Jackson

Aleah McFarland

Kinley Wilson

Libby Dyer

Cadence Clay

Cherish Alston

Cailyn Jackson

Rylee Hoeft

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