Thursday May 24 2018 7:00-8:00 CEA Kville Stunt Evaluation List

Athletes are expected to attend all sessions where their name is listed as we properly evaluate the best fit for each individual

Please arrive early to stretch and be prepared to tumble at stunt at the very start of your session


Tavi Mack

Izaiah Aguilar

Shaylee Johnston

Kaitlyn Crews

Isabella Webb

Abby Scott

Kate Hemby

Cathiana Germain

Kayla Deshazor

Teion Boyd

Kalei Seagraves

Kaite McCollum

Dacy Denton

Arrianna Delgado

Audrey Daniels

Abbie Cothren

Maya Caico

Whitney Bradsher

Lily Barber

Talley Smith

Reese Hudson

Kendall Goertz

Emma Craig

Hattie Cope

Millicent Childs

Olivia Carr

Secasya Blackman

McKenzie Zolicoffer

Payton Grose

Hannah Bowen

Emma Holiday

Isabella Smith

Trinity Davis

Lauren Berg

Berkley Mason

Rachel Roy

Leah Warren

Chuchi Aguilar

Skylar Kelley

Taryn Boyd

Naviya Williams

Molly Yang