Tumble and Stunt classes are broken down into skill categories using a leveling system. These structured classes are offered in monthly blocks and range from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Tumble class athletes will be instructed on the appropriate skills within the level they are attending, flexibility, strength, and confidence.


Level 1 – Forward/Backward Rolls, Cartwheels, Roundoffs, and Front and Back Walkovers

– Entry Level, no requirements to attend

Level 2 – Roundoff Backhand Spring, Standing Backhand Spring, and Series Backhand Springs
– Must have all Level 1 skills to attend

Level 3 – Roundoff Backhands Spring Tuck, Roundoff Tuck, and Punch Fronts
– Must have all Level 2 skills to attend

Level 4 – Layouts, Whips, and Standing Tucks
– Must have all Level 3 skills to attend

Level 5 – Fulls, Double Fulls, Standing Fulls, and Arabians
– Must have all Level 4 skills to attend


Stunt class: will consist of floor time involving stretching, body control and positioning, conditioning, and some air time within stunt groups.

Jump class: working flexibility and core strength

Mini / tiny extreme: focusing on those athletes in a closed environment, in all areas polishing the foundation of all star cheerleading

Performance the teal way: focus on dance, Tight transitioning, arm placement facials!

Extreme basket: focusing on teaching basket the cheer extreme way! All flyer ride with arm next to ears. Teaching all levels of basket training.


CEA Waldorf – Class Schedule


Name: Unique Sport Academy
Address: 109 Post Office Road Waldorf, MD 20602
Phone: (301) 396-4934
Website: www.UniqueSportsAcademy.com